PaintedPups - pet portraits
Painting of Bohden - a dog Painting of 3 Ferrets Painting of Josie-a dog Painting of Ella - a dog Painting of Mekare - a cat

Strong lines, bold, colors, and a bit of funky flair....
What could be more fun than a hand painted portrait of your pet?


A custom acrylic painting of your pet on canvas, in vivid color is a fantastic way to show how much you treasure your "fur-kid", to commemorate one who may have crossed over, or even a Hip way to decorate your space.

Dog, puppy, cat, kitten, ferret, horse, bunny rabbit, rat....
if you love it, it will make the perfect subject for a smart and precious piece of handpainted art. Even if they are not in the same photo, they can be in the same portrait!

At, my goal is to capture the unique character and spirit of your pet in a portrait that brings you joy, beauty, and real value as a piece of art in and of itself. These beautiful paintings make great, deeply personal gifts...


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