My loose and fun-loving style is good fit for portraying those little personalities that steal our hearts.
I can even put animals together in a portrait who were not in the same photo; no problem!

Creating a portrait is a painstaking process that requires breaking down the whole to isolate those features that capture the essence of the subject and translating them with a bit of extra color & style to canvas.

The process of making a painting is a careful and time consuming exercise because I do not use computers!

So many pet portraits out there are glorified digital doodles, which are inexpensive, but utterly lacking in artistic legitimacy and panache. They look fake because they are.

I, on the other hand, begin by hand stretching a canvas over high quality wooden stretchers measured to your order.

The canvas is prepared with gesso and then I sketch the subject very roughly.

From here I go straight to applying the paint.

I use artist-grade acrylics that allow for heavy saturated hues that resist fading over the years and dry in hours, instead of weeks like oil paints.

After much consideration, many layers of paint, and a good deal of time, I will finish a piece and varnish it with a matte-finish UV protectant coating to keep it vibrant for years to come.

You have a beautiful piece of art that you will treasure forever and I have had a fantastic time coming to know your fur-baby through the process.